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Mezzo Bar + Grill’s Pasta Al Giro

Mezzo very first ‘Pasta Al Giro’  is on Monday March 1st 2010 at Mezzo Bar + Grill. See what it’s all about here:

Here is the menu!

Uno | tortelli of ricotta + pumpkin, crushed amaretti biscuit, sage butter sauce Due | giuseppe cocco penne “al forna”, traditional baked sicilian dish with meat, eggplant, peas + egg
Tre  giuseppe cocco spaghettini with fresh tomato, basil + smoked mozzarella Quattro | giuseppe cocco pappardelle with grilled zucchini, zucchini flower + pecorino
Cinque | giuseppe cocco buccatini with mussels, clams + pepperoncino
Sei | ricotta gnocchi with pork + veal sausage ragout
Dolce | Santa Vittoria blood orange Soda sorbet

$45 per person, menu must be taken by whole table.
Bookings: T: (03) 9650 0988


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Oyster Little Bourke has now reborn as Mezzo Bar + Grill

Watch the transformation here:

So what’s changed?

The way you eat. Like one big happy Sicilian family, dishes will be served up as smaller bites, medium helpings and grander dishes. Pick and mix and match and enjoy a whole range of complementary tastes from the new menu.

What’s on the menu. The menu is now presented with the above in mind and a whole lot of great new dishes inspired by the south of Italy. The wine list also features more Italian interlopers.

A little bit of a facelift. To create a more casual environment on the inside.

And what’s stayed the same?

They’ve still got those Oysters. And they’ve still got Oyster Hour. Half price daily from 5-6:30pm at the Bar.

They’ve got the same staff. And great service. You know – the kind with lashings of good spirit.

They’re still open Mon to Fri for lunch, and Mon to Sat for dinner.

Mezzo Bar + Grill

35 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.

T: 03 9650 0988.

Or book online here.

Hook up with them:



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